Book Review – The Cyclist’s Tale – Kevin R. Haylett

I like short stories, and I like cycling, so we’re off to a good start. I’m busy, so my reading time is snatched moments of self-indulgence amongst the endless list of things I’m supposed to be doing. So to read a whole story in these moments suits me just fine. A short story should be a simple point; something funny, witty inspiring or thought provoking. I first read this book two months ago and I can honestly say I can remember every story. They’ve stayed with me and that says something really doesn’t it? 

It’s a celebration of club cycling, a collection of short stories about different cycling perspectives. With a few set in Mallorca, and a few set in what I must be Northwest England. Some funny, some a bit dark, some about suffering and some about technology. You could say there is something for everyone, something that whatever type of cyclist you are you can relate to one of the stories; old, young, racer, hill climber, TT rider, or just club cyclist. 

The down side of having something for everyone is of course that not every story will grab everyone, so I have my favourites. I really liked the way all of the different stories were all interlinked. Using riders from the same (or other local) cycling club. It added something more as the book progressed, knowing some of the other character’s stories. I laughed at some points, and felt inspired by some stories. Me personally I like the Mallorca stories, but I like a bit of travel with my cycling. It made me want to plan a cycling trip. For me a cycling book has to do one thing, make me want to ride and the stories that grabbed me did just that. 

The Cyclist’s Tale and other short stories is available from Amazon here

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