Product Review – Shapeheart Magnetic Bike Mount Phone Holder

If you’re just starting out, a phone holder makes a lot of sense. Using technology that you already own to track rides and add a bit of navigation. 

If you have a dedicated GPS cycling device like a Garmin/Wahoo then you’ll still be taking your phone, just in a pocket for emergencies and probably photos. 

The design of the Shapeheart actually suits both of these markets quite well. Housing the phone in a protective wallet means it can be used on the bike and also to protect a phone in a jersey pocket.  

I learnt the hard way that riding with an unprotected phone in a rain soaked pocket is not the best environment for it. They’re just not that good at moisture (though some are fully waterproof) and rattling against other stuff. So I started using little plastic bags, sandwich bags, zip lock bags whatever I could find, but they didn’t last very long. So I bought a zip up protective case, but that is a faff to get a phone out of quickly, and not really whilst riding along. 

The Shapeheart case has become my phone protector for every ride, and can just be pulled out of a pocket, with the screen both visible and functional behind the transparent case, it can be quickly checked and used whilst riding along. With its powerful magnetic mounting, it can be deployed onto the handlebars with a quick voice command: “navigate me to the nearest cafe” as the lack of coffee and cake feels suddenly urgent. My phone now letting me explore further from my usual known routes as I feel the itch to explore, and sitting quietly out of sight in my pocket when I don’t.  

The magnet that mounts to case to the bike mount is very powerful, so no worries about the phone falling off, and any accidental knocks (like from a knee when sprinting up a hill) to the phone just cause it to move a little on the rubber o-ring that fixes it to the bike. 

For me it’s a nice to have item. I’ll use it on holidays, touring adventures and entertainment whilst on the turbo trainer in the depths of winter, but mostly for protecting my phone in my pocket on my usual rides and commutes. 

They’re available from Amazon: 

Or direct from the Shapeheart website

Shapeheart supplied the product for this product review.

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