I’m just another cyclist. You’ll see people just like me cycling to work, enjoying a long weekend ride in the sun and even a few days cycling around another country. I don’t race very often (I prefer man vs nature/terrain to man vs man events) but I like to keep fit and enjoy getting fitter and faster as well as enjoying the scenery.

This blog is to share adventure, seek out new riding and document just another every day cyclist. I’ll discuss equipment; both good and bad, and hopefully keep motivation and inspiration to keep on riding as the weather gets cold and wet.

I raced mountain bikes through my teenage years, both cross country and downhill around the north of England. I spent years riding BMX, preferring to ride dirt and the occasional skatepark. I bought my first road bike to complete a challenge, riding Lands End to John O’Groats. The feeling of speed and efficiency of the road bike has become addictive and I now ride skinny tyres pretty much everyday. Commuting, touring, challenges and fun, bicycles fit nicely into every day.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for liking a post. Got introduced to your blog because of that. I’m an avid cyclist myself. Really cycled a lot while I was in Israel. Not as much as you have done though. Might do a big trip soon and then your blog will be really handy. Great stuff!

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